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333A Orchard Road

Mandarin Gallery, #04-05

Singapore 238897

Opening Hours

11:30 – 22:30

Waiting Time

Usually none. Call in advance to check, Suju will not admit if there are not tables available.


I personally find that Suju is one of the more under appreciated Japanese restaurants around. People who come to Mandarin Gallery usually head straight for Ippudo next door or Lawrey’s and giving Suju a miss.

Suju is popular not with the locals but with the Japanese expats in Singapore, and I personally believe that if a native finds the food good enough to return it is definitely worth giving it a try at least.

I had the grilled Mackerel today, it reminds me very much of my father’s cooking and tastes strangely of home. It is a simple Japanese dish, but done so well. It is just salty enough but not overwhelmingly, and you really taste the charcoal on the skin of the fish. I love grilled fish skins personally, because if done well they are so crispy and you don’t get the unhealthy oiliness as compared to deep frying it!

I personally also love the Miso soup here at Suju, it is not watered down, and it carries its own unique personality, if I may put it that way. The Miso soup here carries a tinge of sourness that you will only get as an after taste!

Worth Returning?




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