Wen Xiu Ji Noodle House


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Wen Xiu Ji Noodle House

Amoy Street Food Centre

7 Maxwell Rd


Singapore 069111

Opening Hours

Mondays – Fridays: 08:00 – 17:00

Closed on Weekends

Waiting Time

Usually short queues.


I’ve been curious about this stall’s noodles for a while now, I’ve seen a few people ordering it and it looked pretty decent so this morning I finally ordered a plate for myself.

I have a rather complicated relationship with Wonton* Noodles. I used to have this stall I loved going to when I was a child, I love this lady’s Wanton Noodles so much that I could eat it every day, and I did. Sadly, this lady decided to retire and I have found it difficult to find another Wonton Noodle stall that could match the taste of that auntie’s noodles.

For me, Wonton Noodles is a whole package deal. Every single part of the entire dish is very important to me. Soup included, so one could definitely say I have a very high standard for Wonton Noodles in particular.

This stall’s noodles is pretty decent, the noodles have that QQ texture and the char siew** is good. The pity is the sauce and the chilli sauce she uses, I think the auntie here uses the same sauce as she does for her chicken feet noodles, hence why I find that it is a little light for Wonton Noodles. Her Chilli sauce is also the same one she uses for the Chicken Noodles, hence I find it unsuitable for Wonton Noodles. (It is a little on the sour end, a little watery for Wonton Noodles)

What I truly love about this stall’s Wonton Noodles though, is the Wonton! It is so full of flavour, and rather large compared to other stalls that sells this dish. The soup is also very flavourful and sweet. I loved it so much!

It is worth noting though, that this stall is famous for her chicken curry noodles and not her Wonton Noodles.

Nevertheless I find that it is worth trying.

Will be returning to try her Chicken Curry Noodles soon!

Worth Returning?

I would return for the Wanton. 

*See definition here

** See definition here



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