Dong Jia Yuan



Taman Jurong Food Centre

3 Yung Sheng Road


Singapore 618499

Opening Hours

08:30 – 21:00

Waiting Time



I had the Xiao Long Bao*, Guo Tie** and their fried carrot cake.

Honestly, this stall is pretty average. Not the best Xiao Long Bao I’ve eaten but certainly one of the largest and the juiciest. My only qualm about it is that the skin of their Xiao Long Bao is a little too thick and their meat is not flavourful enough.

Their Guo Tie is also very juicy! When you take your first bite the juices from the dumpling will simply explode in your mouth, it is a very wonderful feeling for me, however, I also have the same qualms about their Guo Tie, very juicy but skin of the dumpling is too thick and stuffing lacks a punch.

I have to say though, uncle has certainly mastered carrot cake frying, you really get the wok hei taste. I asked the uncle to fry it a little darker, but I think he added too much sweet sauce making it a little too sweet, but I think that was my fault.

I admire hawkers like these, they are from China, but he is very willing to learn, very willing to take feedback and is earning a good honest and hard living.

Worth Returning?

I think this is one stall to keep in your watch list, it may not be the best now, but I think uncle is slowly improving his craft. You don’t make a good chef in a day after all.

*See definition here.

**See definition here.



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