Du Du Cooked Food




505 Jurong West Street 52


Singapore 640505

Opening Hours

Tuesdays – Sundays: 14:00 – 21:00

Closed on Mondays

Waiting Time

Usually none.


The stall sells 2 different sizes of Tutu Kueh*. Big and Small. Big goes for 80cents a pop and the small ones comes in sets of 4 at SGD2.00. They also come in 2 different types of fillings, coconut and peanut.

I personally prefer peanut over coconut any day, but to each his own!

This is the only stall’s Tutu Kueh I will eat. I am generally not a fan of Tutu Kueh. 

This is why: Uncle’s Tutu Kueh is so fragrant, and not overly sweet. You get the right balance of sweet and peanutty fragrance which creates that little bit of heaven in your mouth, and the pandan** really seeps into the Kueh*** as well, unlike other stalls which the pandan leaves are (in my opinion) for show.  Uncle is also not stingy with his fillings, he really fills the Kueh up to its limits!

Do give it a try! I can’t just stop at 4.

Worth Returning?


*See definition here.

**See definition here.

***See definition here.



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