Ichiryu Udon




84 New Oxford St

Fitzrovia, London

United Kingdom



Mondays – Saturdays: 11:30 – 22:30

Sundays: 11:30 – 21:30

Waiting Time


Although we did go on a weekday evening, so this may vary at lunch times and weekends.


I love it. I think it beats Koya Bar in terms of Udon.

I ordered the Tempura Udon with Wholewheat Udon. The soup was clean, the balance was perfect. Udon had the proper bouncy texture, done al dante. 

I had a small issue with the Udon because they were stuck together when it was served to me, and the eggs were overdone, but the taste really makes up for it.

Very generous portion sizes and you can get an upgrade on the portion size (if you’re extra hungry) for £1.50.

They also have a selection of noodles like Matcha noodles and wholewheat noodles also for an additional £1.50, but these are limited to about 100 portions a day, so try your luck if you’re in the mood for something special.

They have a good selection of sides and starters, like buns and the usual edamame, but Koya Bar beats it in this category because I’m a huge fan of their Pork Belly. Koya’s prawns are also relatively larger, but taste wise, I definitely prefer this one.

They also have a vegetarian miso udon for Vegetarians, so that they too can enjoy a good meal.

Ichiryu also does a good value set menu, for £19 where you get udon, tempura and a beer.

Worth Returning?

I recently returned to Ichiryu and to my dismay they have changed it to a Shoryu. They are still serving a small selection of udon but there aren’t anymore special udons or the selection of tempuras. 




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