New Mahamoodiya Restaurant


335 Bedok Road

Singapore 469510

Opening Hours

24 Hours!

Waiting Time



We had a craving for Prata* and we’ve seen on Facebook this fad about Coin Pratas so we looked one up and decided to give New Mahamoodiya Restaurant a try, since it was around the area where we had to run some errands.

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant sells a range of Indian food like Biryani**, not just Prata, but since we were here for Prata we went ahead and ordered 2 sets. Uncle sells his Prata with two different kinds of curry, chicken or mutton. We had one of each, and both were absolutely to die for! We personally preferred the mutton one as it was easier to eat and richer, plus the mutton one came with some kind of chilli sauce that tastes like sambal*** you eat with Nasi Lemak.**** 

She, being the Singaporean, admitted that these are the fluffiest (on the inside) and crispiest (on the outside) Prata she has ever eaten, and the best part is that they are served pipping hot.

We also had a Mango Lassi to go with the meal, and she’s no fan of Lassis but this one is just so good! It doesn’t have that weird dairy aftertaste like most Lassis have and you can really taste the Mango!

Downside is that uncle accepts cash only.

Worth Returning?

We would definitely!

*See Definition here.

**See Definition here.

***See Definition here.

****See Definition here.

E & R.


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