Patty & Bun


54 James Street

London, United Kingdom



Mondays – Saturdays: 12:00 – 22:30
Sundays: 12 – 22:00

Note: there will be no admittance of children after 19:00, and they do not take reservations.

Waiting Time

Varies from chain to chain, we waited 15 minutes for the James Street one during a weekday lunch.


Patty & Bun burgers have ruined us. They are just so good that we can no longer enjoy other burgers from other shops that we used to love. They are simply to die for. Whichever you order. The photo above is their monthly special (Not available for delivery).

Patty & Bun only uses the best ingredients, it’s all British wherever possible! And they serve up one of the most unique burgers around, a lamb burger! It’s a firm lamb patty served with coriander, chilli and cumin aïoli on a brioche that is so good it is worth queuing for. Patty & Bun also doesn’t disappoint with their sides, their nuggets are proper chicken  (not meal that you usually get in other restaurants)  served with a spicy Kimchi Mayo that is a good blend of spicy and yummy. Their chips are skin on and fried till crispy, and TRY ALL THEIR SAUCES. They are worth the money, especially their smokey mayo.

The restaurant is small, and bare, burgers are served in their wrappers and not on plates. They also have ketchup and mayo on the table and hotsauce on the side when their burgers are served.

It is hard to find faults with Patty & Bun and that’s a real treat for a foodie like us. Even their vegetarian option is utterly delicious, and that’s coming from a couple of meat lovers.

Don’t worry if you’re not free to queue, because, Patty & Bun DELIVERS! Go on Deliveroo or UberEats to find them! (You may not get them depending on your distance between the shop and your delivery location, good luck!)

Worth Returning?

Yes, always.

E & R.


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