Bibimbab Cafe



37 Museum Street

London, United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Mondays – Sundays: 10:00 – 20:00

Waiting Time

Usually no queues, but went during lunch hours.


This is my go-to place in London for a good Kimchi* stew, and I’ll admit this, I’ve never eaten anything else from here.

Bibimbab Cafe is run by Koreans, and their Kimchi Stew tastes almost the same as the one I had in Myeongdong. The portions are small, not too big, but it is the perfect size for a small eater like myself, and the set meals come with three sides and a drink, which I find is filling enough as a set meal. It costs under £10.00.

The soup broth itself is rich, and packed with kimchi flavour. It’s sour enough, but not overly, and spicy enough for those craving a good spicy and warming stew on a winter day. The sides are also delicious, the sprouts and the seaweed are well seasoned with sesame oil, and they are cooked to the right bouncy texture and the kimchi radish is crunchy and flavorful. Overall, it just feels like a really wholesome meal.

Bibimbab Cafe is usually packed with locals and asian crowd from the universities around the area, and because of its location (in front of the British Museum) it usually has a good traffic flow of people. The amazing thing is, you never have to wait too long to get a table and be served. Service is quick, and most people don’t linger after their meals.

I have seen a lot of people ordering their Korean Pancakes, so I’m just going to assume that it is pretty good. The Chinese students from around the area also seem to enjoy ordering a pork rice dish and drown it in hot sauce, which I must admit looks pretty good…. But I can never resist a good Kimchi Stew!

If you’re ever around the area and looking for a satisfying Kimchi Stew, this is the place.

Worth Returning?


*See definition here.



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