Bun House and Tea Room


23-24 Greek Street

London, United Kingdom


Opening Hours

Mondays – Wednesdays: 17:00 – 00:30

Thursdays – Saturdays: 17:00 – Very Late (I have no clue what very late means!)

Sundays: 17:00 – 00:30

Waiting Time



We had walked by this shop a couple of times prior to me actually trying it. In fact, he tried it before me when we walked pass it at 01:30 one morning pissed. He had the custard bun then, and swears by it. So when we walked by it again the other day, I decided to have a snack there.

We had two char siu* buns, one fish, and one red chocolate.

E: Red chocolate is mainly made with dark chocolate and pig’s blood, and it has the texture of molten salted egg yolk buns. I have not tried it, but he did, and he wasn’t too impressed with it, he said it would have been better if they did not deep fry the buns after steaming it. It did come out steaming hot! He did say that it does taste like chocolate but thicker in texture, it definitely flows as described in the menu! If nothing, it’s definitely a curious item to try for the adventurous.

Our favourite was the char siu buns, it was tasty, although the inside was not your usual red char siu colour. Still, it is sweet, salty and sticky, the way char siu should be! This bun is definitely not lacking in flavour and the size was not overly stingy.

E: The fish was not bad, but I did not like it very much. It’s a very strange texture… Almost like a sticky, mushy, with a crunchy prawn on the inside. Flavour wise, it wasn’t bad, but I feel as though the texture had really ruined it for me. It’s slightly spicy, but not something that will make you run for a cup of milk. Will not order this again!

They also serve a good selection of side dishes like pickles, which looks pretty interesting!

If you order it to go, the buns come in this interesting packaging, as seen in the photos! They use a pair of disposable chopsticks as handles for the box! (You have to order 2 to get the box!)

We really like this place because it’s a place we know we can get my Chinese food cravings when I’m out late with my friends, and, they have a very interesting Chinese themed basement for tea! The washrooms were seriously fun. Perhaps we’ll be back to try their sit-down menu!

Worth Returning?

Yea, for the Char Siu and Custard!

*See definition here.

E & R.


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